Why Expensive Massage Chairs are not always the Best

The most expensive massage chair in the recent Las Vegas tradeshow cost $8000. The chair uses air bag technology to deliver an excellent massage experience from head to toe. A few years ago, such a chair would undoubtedly have been considered the best. Today, it is an arguable point. Some of the new breeds of massage chairs you will find in the market have excellent features despite the fact that they come at a much lower price tag. So, how can you identify a quality massage chair in today’s tech-infused world?

  • Basic Comfort

There are no two ways to identifying a comfortable chair. You must sit on it to get the feel of comfort that chair delivers. You mustn’t rely on the cool technology the chair is claimed to use as your way of selecting massage chairs. You could love airbag technology, but some of the chairs have some much air that the pressure in them won’t feel comfortable to you or to any of your friends for that matter.

  • Type of Massage Delivered

How much strength do you expect from your ideal massage chair? If you love invigorating massages, you will want a more powerful chair. The best chairs for intense massage experiences feature highly protruded parts that deliver strong movements as you sit comfortably in the chair. They are also more expensive as you would expect. However, you can easily find a cheaper massage chair if you are only looking for light, relaxing massages.

  • Convenient Features

Most people buy massage chairs based on their aesthetics and the advanced convenient features they have. Sometimes convenient features are exaggerated, which is why you must be keen to know what each of the features mean.

  • Preset versus programmable controls-Some massage chairs allow you to preset your chair to deliver massage on a certain area in your body. You will benefit most from the feature if you have certain areas that pain you on your back. The best chairs however, offer more adjustable controls. They allow you to set the chair to solve all multiple massage problems. They are particularly very helpful where you plan to use the chair with other people.
  • Design– For many people, the chair’s design says everything about a massage chair. The more expensive chairs are especially prone of using incredible designs to lure you. And true, a great massage chair should be elegant. You will benefit as a business if you use attractive and stylish leather massage chairs. But then, don’t put your thoughts on the design alone. Choose your massage chair based on its performance before you can choose settle for a design that will complement your décor.
  • Price-Finally, consider the cost of buying the massage chair versus the value it will offer. The best massage for you is one that delivers everything you would want from a massage chair, but also one which you can afford.

Finally, ratings and the brand reputation for the massage chairs can help you know which chairs will offer greater value to you.