Promote your Content for Free Instagram Views

Social media is the new way of communicating in today’s world. It does not matter how many times we might want to dispute this fact, it is the gospel truth. How many time have you met someone and the first question is,’ what is your name on Facebook?’ or ‘what is your twitter handle?’ The fact of the matter is that social media has created for the world a newer, better, easier, more convenient and definitely cheaper way through which they can communicate.

Things have gone on an all-time high especially with the current generation and getting recognition on social media has become such a big deal. From the days on Facebook where you wanted your status update to get the most likes to the current Instagram craze where everyone is looking for Free Instagram views, attention on social media is actually a very important part of very many people’s lives. People post content looking to get those free followers, the free likes and so on and so forth.

This has actually become a very big deal that there are people that are losing their self-confidence form the simple fact that they are not getting as much attention as they hoped that they would on the social media platforms. It is however important to understand that although the social media platforms are informal ones where people interaction a friendly level, one can only get the recognition and attention that they are looking for if they actually work at it. This means that you really need to check the content that you are posting. Ensure that the content that you are posting actually resonates with the audience that you are targeting. Make sure that the content can actually pick the interest of the audience. Promoting the content is also another very important part of getting free Instagram views. It is true that you will not have to launch an all-out huge campaign like the ones that are launched by the big corporate but there are a number of small things that you can do to get the attention of the people on the social media platforms. Some of these things have been outlined below:

Repeatedly use harsh tags that have been proven to work well in helping to increase followers. As a user of social media, you must be familiar with these harsh tags by one. They include; #followback, #tagforlikes, #I4I (Like for like), #instafollow, #FF (Follow Friday) and so on and so forth. As stated, these are harsh tags that have already been proven to attract the attention of people on Instagram, they will definitely work well to help you get those many free views that you are looking for.f1

Use your other social media accounts and profiles to promote your Instagram page. The good news about social media is that the platforms are very well integrated. The fact that the platforms have become such a huge part of or day to day lives today, you will find that people hold accounts on almost each and every platform. An individual will have an Instagram account, a Facebook account, a twitter account, a whats app account, a LinkedIn account and so on and so forth. This then means that you can very easily transfer the attention that you are receiving on twitter onto Instagram. Use your other popular accounts to promote your Instagram account. In the event that you already have an account that is popular and has a large following, chances are high that the people there already love your content and will definitely be ready to follow you on other platforms as well. Just let them know of your Instagram account. You can also put links on this account leading to your Instagram page.

Make sure that each and every photo that you post has an engaging caption. Captions are usually a very easy way to start a conversation. They usually work much better when posed as questions. It is however important to remember that you need to be smart about the questions that you post. They should be able to trigger the interest of people to the point that it makes them start a conversation. Choosing to be random is always a good idea. Also make sure that the caption that you put resonates with the photo that you are captioning. You can even go a step further and actually use calls to action to caption your photos. You can put up thinks like, “Let me know what you think about the décor in the photo”. Sarcasmis also another good idea; it has always worked extremely well to get people’s attention.

Invite a guest to comment or just post something bout your photo. In the event that you have any links with a famous person or any celebrity, talk to them and ask them to comment or post something. We are living in a world where celebrities are a big deal. Everyone wants to become a celebrity or at last have an association with a celebrity or two. Having a celebrity associated with you will definitely work in your favor in getting you those views that you are looking for. People will definitely want to be linked with the celebrity. Just make sure that the celebrity continuously engages with you on Instagram and you will see the free views start streaming in.

The truth is popularity on social media does not come easily. You need to make sure that you are visible on the platforms and you need to promote yourself very well. As you do all this however, you should never forget that you need to monitor the content that you are posting. Make sure that it is engaging and actually attracts the attention of the people that you are targeting. The bottom line after all is said and one always remains the content that you are posting. You can work well to promote yourself and increase your visibility but once people notice you then find that you do not have any interesting content to keep them engaged, they will leave you as fast as they came.