Never underestimate your username

Are you looking for followers on twitter?  Have you realized how difficult it could be to have 1000 Twitter Followers by just sitting on your computer and waiting for them to flow in?  If you want followers then you need to simply think beyond the box.  There are numerous ways of being able to earn the same and sitting waiting will not help you at all.    The first thing you need to do is to have an audience, with an audience it is easier to comment and like their comments.  Such audiences remember, also have other followers and these are the group you are targeting.

Have you ever thought about your profile and how it impacts on your audience in general?  Get a username that is captivating and crowd pulling.  Twitter has over 1000 Twitter Followers at any given time and the same followers can be yours too.  Get a name that is descriptive and easier to remember.  The trick is your user name should in essence be short and interesting.  Simply, do not over do it, if you want to make it.