How Do You Get Extra 100 Twitter Followers On Your Account?

When you’re starting out on a new social media account, it can be quite tough for you to get a large number of followers.
This is the reason why most people start with a small number. For example, an extra 100 twitter followers can help to get things started on your account, especially if you’re using your account for business. These 100 followers can start to know about your service and brand. By making sure you target the right kind of followers can help to make your online presence known.
You may have heard of companies that help you with followers where you can easily get 100 twitter followers by paying a small amount of money. There are also some companies that provide you followers for free, but there will be a binding contract where you have to constantly provide them with tweets or posts to share.
Whether you choose to buy or get followers for free, it’s wise to do a little bit of homework about the companies available. Some of these companies provide you with dummy accounts where the users are inactive. This doesn’t add value to your account and in fact, would be a waste of effort on your end.