How Can 500 Twitter Followers Help My Business?

There are many business owners who have twitter as part of their social media marketing.

Using twitter to get word out about your business and/or service is a great step because news does travel fast on twitter. If you have 500 twitter followers or more, you can make the best of them by making sure that they can help your business grow.

If some of your followers are real-life friends, then you could ask for their help to retweet your tweets to their followers. But if your 500 twitter followers or more are mostly people you don’t know, then you need to tailor your tweet so that it’s appealing enough for them to retweet.

Using hash tags and backlinks in your tweet can help people to reach your business faster. Other than your own unique hash tag, you can use other hash tags that are similar to your business/service nature. This way, when other twitter users search for that hash tag, your business and twitter account will be listed as well.

However, it doesn’t take overnight for you to be well known on twitter. You need to constantly update your tweet and offer something fresh and new for your followers.