Finding It Hard to Get Views for Your Instagram Videos, Here Are Secrets You Should Know.

For those that are on Instagram, reading this piece of article will prove to be very resourceful to you. As a matter of fact, you might want to stop whatever you are doing to pay keen attention to this piece. Since the inception of Instagram, nobody knew that the site would reach the level that it has today. In a world that was mainly dominated by Facebook and twitter, Instagram breathed a wave of fresh air into the social media arena and created a new experience for people to connect, link up and communicate with each other across the world and in a manner that is thrilling and exciting as

After the launch of Instagram, it took quite a bit of time for the site to gain global recognition and only a few people were able to use it. It was until later on when the site went viral that everybody across the world wanted to sign up for an account with the main culprits being the young teens and young adults as well. The thrill that emanated from the site continued to take center stage making more people to be part of the wave signing up. A few years later, Instagram was having millions of active users.

Compared to other social media platforms, Instagram has proved to be one of the most amazing sites that promise thrill and excitement that you can possibly not get on any other social media platforms. The site offers a chance for its users to share their life stories and their experiences through photos and videos. Whilst not many other social media platforms can support this, Instagram has proved to be an ideal platform of how you can be able to build your portfolio and share a story about your life through the photos and videos.

Through sharing the photos and the videos, you are able to reach out to your followers and members within your social circle. In so doing, you get to express your feelings, your current mood, the things you like, the places you went to and the list goes on so forth. There is no limitation whatsoever on whatever content you can share out to your followers. The prerogative remains with you so you can make good use of your account to share your story with the world.

But in as much as posting photos and videos every now and then could seem to be very exciting, there is a little bit of a twist to it. Most of the times you do not get a viral audience for the content that you share in the sense that if it is a video, you are barely getting enough views as you would like and if it is a photo, you are also barely getting as much likes as you would desire to have. The beauty of sharing photos and videos on Instagram is creating that viral audience that will make your content trend and this is usually the goal of each and every Instagram user.f2

Not many people do realize it, but having a viral audience within your social circle is quite significant. This is something that money cannot buy and thus you should price it very highly. There is nothing frustrating than posting a video and getting a few free instagram views just from a handful of followers. It could be discouraging and you might end giving up the Instagram experience that you had once envisioned to be thrilling.

That should not be the case whatsoever. Here are a few secrets that will help you gain as many views on the videos that you post on your timeline.

  1. Post your videos at around 2am and 5pm

Perhaps you are wondering why these specific timings. Well, a quick research that has been done in the recent past has shown that these are the most effective times for you to post a video or a photo. These are the times where the Instagram traffic is heavy and you will increase your chances of increasing the Instagram views for your videos. Furthermore, posting on Sunday could come in handy as well. Not many posts are made on Sunday so in so doing, you get to increase your chances of having as many views as possible.

  1. View other people’s videos as well

In as much as it may seem ambiguous, this happens to be one of the most effective ways in which you can increase the views for your videos. It works in the sense that it makes the other people feel indebted towards you and thus will be obliged to view your videos the moment that you post your own.

  1. Post quality videos

When I mention quality, I do not only mean the clarity of the video and the effects that you put in place as well. It entails more actually. You have to post videos that will interest people and make them want to view it. Make the videos relevant and interesting, catchy and with a bit humor to it. It will certainly do the trick for you and your views will increase steadily.

  1. Engage your audience

One of the best ways in which you can increase the views for your Instagram videos is by engaging your audience. This actually shows them that you value them and they will be more than willing to view your videos. You can engage them by asking them questions in the caption that will also trigger them to watch the video as well.

  1. Consistency

Now this is where most people go wrong. They lack consistency. They get to share a video today only for them to share another one a month later. Do not hesitate to post often. Consistency will always leave members within your social circle with expectancy and the desire to watch more of your videos. As a result, your Instagram video views will increase within no time and you will be having a viral audience every time you post.

With these 5 tips, you will be able to mobilize as many views as possible for your videos and you never have to regret sharing a videos and getting only 10 views.