Can you remove or undo Twitter Likes?

There are times when out of the blue you regret liking certain Twitter post or you have just unintentionally tapped the heart symbol. Sometimes you are having troubles if it is all right to leave it that way or just undo what you have just done. The good news is that it is a lot easier to remove or undo your Twitter Likes without hassle.

If you wish to remove or undo Twitter Likes, first, you’ve got to log in to your Twitter account. Then, it is necessary for you to search for the tweet you have liked. When you found it, just tap or click the heart so to remove the like at once.


On the other hand, you can see what others have liked through simply visiting their Twitter profile. As you go online, refer to the profile page and from there you only have to click on the Likes tab located at the top of the tweet’s timeline. If you’re using Twitter app, you only need to visit the profile and then tap Likes.

To get twitter likes, you have to ensure that you are posting relevant content. Ensure that you post content that the twitter audience will be able to identify with and content that will actually pick their interest. The interest is what will drive them to actually like what you are posting. If you however choose to post content that no one understands and that no one can relate with or very few people can relate with, you will not get the twitter likes that you are looking for.

Get Controversial

As shocking as it sounds, the reality of the life that we live today is that people thrive on controversy. Controversial topics pick the interest of audiences very fast. Bad publicity has actually been proven to sell more than good publicity. It is always funny how people are always looking for the negative stories on people especially celebrities and prominent people. You would be shocked that even the television and radio stations that get the highest ratings are those that broadcasts controversial stories.

That being said, if you are on twitter and have long been wondering about how you can easily get those twitter likes, get controversial. Start controversial topics, post controversial photos and basically pick the interest of the people. Provide as much information as you can but then do not provide everything. Provide just enough information to pick the people’s interest and then let them start flocking to you to get the rest. Once they do start flocking, ensure that the information is at your fingertips and is extremely interesting. You can then sit back and watch the twitter likes trickling in.


Social Media is one Big Family

There are so many social media platforms available in our world today; from Facebook to twitter to Instagram to snapchat and so on and so forth. Yes, these are all platforms that are owned by different companies but it would be interesting for you to not that they are all indeed just one big family; different branches of the same tree if you would like. You will find that the people who follow you on twitter and the same people who friend you on Facebook and also friend you on Instagram.

That being said, the best way to get those many twitter likes on your pages today is to link all your social media pages. Make it possible for people to easily move from your Facebook page to your twitter page or from your Instagram page to your twitter page. Provide links on your other social media platforms to interesting content that you have posted on your twitter page. This will bring you in a whole mass of followers that will then generate for you a large number of twitter likes. Just ensure that the links are very accurate and they direct your audience to interesting information and content.

Your Profile Picture and Twitter Likes

There are so many people who choose to remain impersonal on social media platforms including twitter. They just want to remain in the background and they do not necessarily want people to identify them. They only want to enjoy the content that is being shared all through and maybe throw in content or two but they do not necessarily want people to know who they are. In the event that you are one of these people, there is some bad news for you if you are looking to get twitter likes.