Alternatives to Buying Instagram Stories Plays and Snapchat Stories Plays

Buying instagram stories plays and snapchat stories plays to get more people to follow your snapchat or instagram handle is a good way to boost your social media presence. There are however alternative ways to do it. They are often more time consuming and may not get you the immediate results you are looking for. However, in the end, you will realize just how satisfying it was. It also helps you in targeting the exact audience you are looking for and this further promotes your profile among them.

First of all get a lot of followers. You can follow people who will follow you back or you can invite them to follow your page. The platforms have an avenue that lets you do this. It is easy to track your followers on instagram and follow them back. However, the situation is different on snapchat as it is harder to do it. You can however use the suggestions on snapchat to follow more people which increase the chances that more people will follow your account. Secondly, you could directly advertise for people to follow your page or profile or account. You can do this on your profile on twitter or Facebook. Instagram and snapchat will give you a link that people can directly click to follow your account. Getting more followers works to increase your instagram stories plays and snapchat stories playsby increasing the audience that can be able to view your videos and stories.

What you need to do to keep your followers interested in your business page is to make the brand of your page interesting. This is the ultimate way to get more plays. Your audience needs something interesting that also passes the message across. It also increases the engagement levels on your page. You need an audience that not only watches the stories but also engages you. The stories you use should be something chronological. Do not just post images to make a story without any meaning. This will leave your audience confused and will eventually tarnish your brand name. You need to set a brand that attracts and audience. The stories should be related to your business or what you are trying to sell. As such, in your attempts to gain followers, you should get followers that are in your target group. Getting followers who are not interested in what you are selling often results in negative engagements with you as they often leave negative comments.

Your attempts at getting more instagram stories plays and snapchat stories playsshould be accompanied with reply’s to your followers. Most will try to start a chat with you on snapchat or send you a direct message on instagram. You need to be a platform that replies within 24 hours at the maximum. If you are selling something, you get immediate clients. If you do not reply to messages then they will lose interest in your account which translates to a negative brand name for you.